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you see how wet it has been. rain causing major problems this morning many thanks for joining us, i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. we have team coverage on the storm. katie marzullo is in mill valley. kira klapper is in los gatos. we begin with meteorologist mike nicco, welcome back. healthy clip, moderate to heavy rain around sometimes even yellows and oranges causing a lot of ponding on the roads. i was slipping and sliding almost like driving on ice at times, there was so much water on the roads so much hydroplaneing. rainfall amounts of a quarter to 3/10 of an inch per hour covers the entire bay area. -- you can see yellows through the north bay, through the heart of the bay into the east bay valleys. that heaviest of the rain has
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calmed didn't a little but set the stage for the problems this morning with all that wet weather. more developing along the cold front starting to push into the north bay. because it is pushing into the north bay that means fastest winds and heaviest rain from now through the morning rush hour. it will start to taper as we head into the afternoon. waves of rain and showers did the afternoon hours and temperatures very mild, upper 50s to mid 60s. very dangerous out there this morning. high winds, heavy rain at times, i came in half an hour ago, slipping and sliding, a lot of standing water, very, very scary many please give your extra time. you can see golden gate bridge very wet, high winds on most all of the spans this morning. three separate "sig alert"s now. first westbound 580 at 680 big
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rig blocking all lanes westbound except for the connector ramp you can get around traffic relatively light now we are happy there is some traffic getting by. you can see we are seeing slowing on the dublin grade past the scene of the accident. folks are taking their time. other "sig alert" in the cotati area 101 railroad avenue northbound pwhud slide blocking right lane -- mudslide blocking right lane this is near woodside highway 84 closed between grand view and highway 35, downed power line you cannot get through many millbrae area tree down on the freeway, chp en route to clear that out northbound 101 past millbrae avenue. tens of thousands are without power in the bay area. more are watching potential flooding. the storm is unleashing heaviest rain and strongest winds.
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katie marzullo is live in the north bay. >> reporter: we are on miller avenue at camino alto near the safeway in mill valley, rain coming down hard at times at an angle many take a look at this massi tree that just snapped at the -- at this massive tree that just snapped at the roots. some cleanup efforts some of the branches are piled off to the side and the road is clear. we have seen a couple cast bars through obviously traffic is light at this hour. definitely showdown and take it easily through as they realize this tree has come down there is room for the cars to pass. the branches litter the entire island and along the sidewalk. there are a lot of power outages. good news on that front only an hour ago there was a report of 3600 customers without power in mill valley the recent number shows three.
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only affecting 94 customers. that's good news. to get here we drove across the golden gate bridge this morning one of only two vehicles on the bridge. those lanes are so narrow and the rain is coming down so hard and you can see it sweeping sideways across the bridge. i can't imagine what a nightmare it is going to be. sue mentioned but it bears repeating, do be detail. katie marzullo, abc7 news. -- 4:35. this morning, 4900 people on the peninsula are also waking up without power. pg&e says more than a dozen outages in san bruno are affecting 3200, nearly 1,000 have no electricity in south san francisco more than 600 don't have power in pacifica. in less than 90 minutes administrators with the school district in santa rosa will
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huddle to decide whether to cancel classes because of the weather. they held a meeting last night to issue warnings about the potential foreclosing individual schools or a district wide shutdown. they will decide later this morning. to the south bay, the weather has brought down trees and could make driving through the santa cruz mountains treacherous. kira klapper is near the lexington reservoir. >> reporter: directly at my face, good morning. i'm holding on to my hood and hat because i'm afraid i'm going to lose them. it is so windy and the rain is coming down so hard, my photographer ian was brave enough to shoot video off of 17 an hour ago. it is a little higher up the summit from where we are now many you can see a tree is down at summit road at 17. signs warning dryers to slow
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down. they -- warning drivers to slow down, but they are not. it is treacherous only two handfuls of cars are speeding by us. the conditions very wet, as you can see the rain jut pelting us coming horizontally as katie mentioned, the conditions very dangerous on the golden gate bridge. people who traverse highway 17 everyday are used to it, they can probably drive it in their sleep. but this morning they do need to slow down, conditions are very slick some standing water here on highway 17 and we hope people will be safe. nearby in saratoga, 2,000 customers without power right now. that's the latest from los gatos, kira klapper, abc7 news. with conditions like that there will likely be flight delays later this morning. heavy winds along with the rain and low visibilities slowed the air traffic
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yesterday, 73 flights were cancelled yesterday morning. for up to minute delays check out also you see how long security lines are. crews around the bay area are expecting a busy morning cleaning up downed trees. the rain not only saturates the ground it waters didn't trees making them more top heavy prone to toppling in the wind. we've seen a lot of this morning. wee been seeing several downed trees in the -- we've been seeing several downed trees east of windsor on eastside road. >> over saturation, old oak tree, big once the water gets up in the leaves the weight tips them over. >> in marin county crews chopped up a tree last night the large tree went down in the middle of the street and brought down phone and power lines. tree down on northbound highway 101 past millbrae
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traffic impact for there. >> with saturated ground and the winds, you will see more of that. mike coming across the bay bridge windy there. >> absolutely. you can see the wind blow the rain sitting on the deck, the ponding or the standing water you can see it blowing it around that did not make things easy. right now this jut issued flash flood warning in this -- just issued in flash flood warning in this area in green, anywhere in petaluma now you could have flash flooding from old adobe road, down as you head towards 116. flash flood warning which means, it is about to happen or is occurring. this is going to hang around almost two hours. here's a look at radar, moderate rain moving through right now. the accumulating effect that we have now the ground is so saturated everything is running off, streams starting
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to fill up, so are creeks. move of that is just road flooding now the streams and creeks will start spilling their barns later into the storm during the morning hours, possibly again sunday when when that secondary push. fastest wind gusts sfo, 54 miles per hour most of us in the 30 to 35 mile per hour range. fastest winds heaviest rain now through noon more scattered into the afternoon and evening. very busy morning already with high winds, heavy rain at times both hands-on the steering wheel, dangerous conditions out there at this hour. right now bay bridge wet, rain coming down, light traffic, high winds on the span treacherous driving conditions three "sig alert"s, first westbound 580 at 680 big rig blocking all lanes westbound you can get by on the connector ramp, chp getting a
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crew out there, there's a fuel spill they don't anticipate that portion to be open for at least another hour. second "sig alert" mudslide north 101 cotati grade right lane blocked. woodside 84 closed grand view to highway 35 due to downed power lines. we'll keep you informed with our live team coverage of the storm. battle over gay marriage shifting from the ballot box to the u.s. supreme court. 9 major court debate -- the major court debate that could have gays and lesbians making wedding plans in california. 13-year-old sexually assaulted. quick police action led to three arrests. we are tracking the storm on live doppler radar this is right now you can see green, yellows, moderate to heavy rain swallows the whole bay area now. mike will have the latest
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all those places just mentioned are seeing rain this morning, you are looking live at the embarcadero from our camera, really coming down out there now. along with the winds, you have the possibility of hydroplaning on the highways so please drive carefully. oakland police investigating the beating of a severely us a 17-year-old girl who was found after missing for days. shyanne white was found and a bus after walking away from a care center tuesday night. staff members followed her to the fruitvale bart but lost her. it is not clear why staff members did not restrain or stop the girl when they were following her.
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the teen has the mental capacity of a 7-year-old. white's father says his daughter has been at the center for six months. mountain view police have three in custody in connection with sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl. it happened after a night of drinking the victim was found wednesday night near a school. ama daetz has more. >> reporter: mountain view police are investigating the sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl. it happened at either castro school or the an joining park and playground. >> she was located in the school other park area by a couple of witnesses intoxicated and they called the police. >> reporter: police say the girl had been drinking with two 17-year-old boys and a 23-year-old man. >> they all met at castro school or the park partook in
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alcohol that's when the assault occurred. >> reporter: the 13-year-old is home with her family. john foster lives near the park he and his dog play at the park daily. he hadn't heard about the assault. >> that's very surprising. there are always a lot of kids here from five up to teenagers and everyone seems well behaved and gets along. it is a fun place to come. >> reporter: police are still actively investigating. for now, they say they have arrested all of their suspects. a.m. ma date, abc7 news. -- the fate of same-sex marriage in california could be decided by the u.s. supreme court today debating to let stand an appeals court ruling declaring prop 8 unconstitutional. the ballot initiative banned same-sex in california. if the justices let it stand it will be legalized in days. dean johnson says it won't set
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a national precedent. >> only issue that is really in front of the court in the prop 8 case is whether or not california's proposition 8 violates equal protection. the issue of same-sex marriage in the broader sense of a federal constitutional right to same-sex marriage is not addressed bay the prop 8 case. >> supreme court decision could announce, -- the supreme court could announce its decision as soon as this afternoon. download our app for iphone, android or. pad and you can find them -- 4:47. time for the weather forcast man is there a lot of weather out there this morning. >> a lot of weather. >> potential for hydroplaning, ponding mike saw the same thing. absolutely, nice to see people slowing down in the heavier rain especially on the
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bridge when you get elevated into those faster winds may be protecting but -- ing you in the lower elevations. flash flood warning, close to flooding in petaluma we have that warning until 6:15 you live around that creek, it is starting to spill. heavy rain just moved through that area, all filtering into the creek. now starting to move into napa, southern sections of sonoma and marin the heart of it moving through the bay now. very large circulation pushing the cold front into our neighborhoods now, secondary system sunday morning just as strong if not stronger as far as the intensity. last night we started to watch the cold front get close to the north bay, we've had heaviest of the rain move through during the nighttime hours in the north bay moving into the heart of the bay now
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during the morning rush into the south bay during the latter parts of the rush hour then it slowly stalls catching waves of showers heavy at times, clap of thunder upon. by noon the front is moving through the -- by the afternoon and evening hours it is gone, we are still moist overnight, through tomorrow morning, then heavier rain tomorrow afternoon, this is all just due to the fact we are going to have a moist southerly wind no cold front creating that rain saturday just going to be so humid out there and so much energy in the air. the next cold front you can see coming in sunday morning into the north bay through the heart of the bay during the morning hours into the early afternoon then push through get a little clearing. four to eight inches north bay, three to five around the bay, two to four in the south bay. we have breezy conditions until 11:00, especially in the
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santa cruz mountains best chance of flooding north bay san francisco along the coast into the santa cruz mountains through the entire weekend out at the coast it is going to be rough, rip currents and seas up to 19 feet. temperatures remain the same through sunday. we get a break monday, most of tuesday before another chance of rain wednesday. a lot to cover this morning. flooding and high winds, "sig alert" westbound 580 at 680 blocking all lanes, traffic getting by on kentor ramp, fuel spill crew -- on the way to get that cleaned up and cleared. mudslide with "sig alert" north 101 cotati grade at railroad another accident in the petaluma area flash flood warnings in the petaluma area the reason for many of these problems at petaluma boulevard north accident left lane
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injury accident on peninsula northbound 101 before whipple earlier tree in the road at millbrae has been cleared. one step closer this morning to learning the i don't tie -- identities of america's newest millionaires. the missouri lottery will introduce us to one of winners. it is not known who has the second ticket purchased in arizona. a gas station camera in maryland shows a man, perhaps a construct worker some believe could be the winner. the man showed a ticket that did have all six winning numbers and said he bought his ticket in arizona. >> i couldn't believe it, he was ecstatic wanted everybody to check. >> i heard him say he won. and he gave me the ticket, said did i really win? >> the winning ticket in missouri was purchased at the only gas station in the town of dearborn.
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many believe a local man bought it if that is try he would be the richest person in a small farm of 500. we'll find out for sure around 9:00. if it is him he could probably buy the entire town. >> looks like a relative of mine. maybe a relative of yours too. >> sure. next the warning about a popular drug and what you wouldn't expect to find in the bottle. the money that may be coming to you if you bought a new tv or laptop. we are tracking the storm, here's what it is showing now, widespread rain across the bay area don't see yellows now for intense rain we did see rain coming down in san francisco along the embarcadero. mike will have more coming up,
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welcome back. live doppler 7 hd we are
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seeing heavier rain moving along 80 into san francisco down into the heart of the bay we are getting the pounding from this storm right now. you can see yellows even oranges that's moderate to heavy rain moving through the bay area earlier. now we are just getting waves and waves of rain that going to continue to fall, rainfall amounts around a quarter to about 3/10 of an inch per hour that is going to make more ponding on the roads, more slick streets and plenty of winds this morning. treacherous out there, good morning. standing water, high winds, a lot of problems on the roads, first major problem with "sig alert" west 580 at 68 at the dublin interchange big rig happened over an hour ago accident involving a fuel spill, crews have a crew on the way you can get by on the connector ramp, traffic light
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now slowing on the dublin grade farther west. next problem cotati north 101 at railroad a mudslide in the right lane highway 84 wood side closed due to downed power lanes north 101 petaluma boulevard injury accident right lane heavy flooding north 101 before whipple injury accident flooding eastbound 80 tennessee, new accident there as well injuries involved in the left lane. give yourself plenty of time and slower speeds. >> hope you brought a lunch this morning sounds like it is going to be business. >> >> makers of a popular generic cholesterol drug are shutting down production because tiny glass particles have been found in the s. the company is investigating how the tiny bits of glass got into the product the generic pills sell for 20% less than
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name brand lipitor. the state attorney general is reminding everyone to pay attention to who you give to. according to a new report, commercial fundraisers in california raised more than 338 million dollars last year only half went to charities. the attorney general says, it is important for donors to do research and ask how the money will be used. the report says most registered charities do not use commercial fund ers. if you bought an lct-tv or laptop before 2006 you have money coming. there's a settlement that claimed 10 companies inflated prices. if you bought a device with an lcd screen between 1999 and 2006, you have until thursday to file a claim. payments are expected to[áóñ bet least $25 for each device. we have a link to that claim form at live doppler 7 hd telling the story. rain across the bay area some
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heavy, the winds are howling potential for hydroplaning and skidding on the roads there second of a series of storms sweeps through. wind and rain causing major problems, including fallen tree, power outages and slick roads and flood watches, we have live t
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now at 5:00 we are on storm watch. live doppler tracking the second storm to hit northern california in recent days. much of the bay area getting at least moderate

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